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Grup Aleph Market Strategies, was set up from the union of the best specialists in national and international commercial transactions, social media marketing, communications, web design and SEO, guaranteeing success in each of our projects.
Our teams of professionals, their years of experience in different sectors, their commitment to each client and the implication that each member of Grup Aleph exercises in their day to day has made us strong, agile and able to take from a simple design web to the most ambicious proyect of distribution and marketing of goods.
Our goal is customer satisfaction whatever the size of the project.
Our trading and distribution transactions division, both domestically and internationally (mainly in eastern countries), allows our customers to have their own team without investing in traditional costs, because its formation and management is part of what Aleph Grup offers.

In addition to this, our specialists in corporate communications off and on-line, in website creation, SEO positioning, community management and all the advantages that the use of social media can bring to the image and sales of your business, will work for you.

Thanks to our accurate work structure, objective, with personalized studies of the needs of each situation and the client’s criteria as a premise, we can project your brand abroad or bring to you what you need from other country.

Our huge experience, contacts and international teams will make your business grow and succeed.