Commerce in Spain

image005Grup Aleph Market Strategies does market research in order to define a specific strategy for each product and geographical area in Spain, offering specific business profiles for every need, and analyzing the reality of each product to identify the potential customers.
We will adapt ourselves to the characteristics and needs of each client, we will become your eyes and your hands and in your sales team, so our clients will not need to make recruitment, training, etc. We will do it for you.

Our sale force become yours, so that potential customers are aware of your presence anywhere in the country, which exponentially improves your sales options and corporate image, especially if it is combined with the work of our experts in corporate communication and relations with media.

We provide your company a huge commercial and professional marketing and distribution network so that, according to the study of needs, the geographical areas in which you want to be present will be properly suplied.


image006How we do it?

Grup Aleph offers its customers different ways to achieve their business objectives: the sale of its products or services. Each client will be counseled about the best strategy , always under a professional and custom scan.




Under this possibility, we ensure that the resources provided by the client, will result in selling their products or services. This way, all tasks of marketing, distribution and recruitment of sales professionals in the destination will be done by Grup Aleph, using our infrastructure, logistics and client resources reflected at the time of contracting.

We mobilize our resources to achieve client objectives, that become ours




We are also a professional company in the relocation of business processes.
This way, with the financing and the customer’s product, we locate for them the best professionals for marketing and sales in a dipping process in the area in which have been identified business opportunities.