Import / Export

Grup Aleph Market Strategies, parts of the experience in international markets in the former Soviet Union as a central value for import/export.


Make accessible to consumers their products is one of the basic pillars on which any market transaction is supported and, in international arenas, knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of each country is essential, from the production plant to the point of sale.

Therefore, our knowledge on the ground, make us a safe value to sale and distribute spanish products in Russia and countries of the former USSR and vice versa, as the great potential of these markets, business professionalism and total lack of competitors in some areas, ensure success.



rusiaWe have staff in Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia and Spain, allowing us to have direct control and real-time of goods and shipments, transport and procedures appropriate to the type of product and distribution customers.

This makes us the perfect entry point for the presentation and integration of your products in these specific markets. Combined with our market research and complete customization of the processes of marketing and distribution, will make you and your product grow abroad.

We have more than 50 experts in management and marketing in the automotive, food, textile and many others sectors, making specific commercial workouts for each client and providing a custom professional service.


image004The market entry in these countries is guaranteed with a real physical presence on the ground and with local staff, allowing your product and with it, your brand, to reach new markets in the easiest way for you, as our international operations manager evaluates costs and risks of each product, adapting the plan to maximize profits.

We introduce ourselves with the support of spanish brands that have had successful results working with us, and with the commitment of a direct involvement in each distribution project. The success of each one of them is our reason for being.




By international Outsourcing or offshoring we adapt to the real needs of your expansion process, which brings you much further than you could on your own.