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The first thing that your business has to have on internet is not a Twitter profile or a Facebook page. You need a good webpage.
Contents have to reflect what the company offers, what company is, what it offers and how. This last detail is important: in several cases has not been easy to locate contact information or it does not work.

Some of the opportunities offered by Internet are:
1. Companies have the possibility to update the information provided to its customers and suppliers in real time.
2. A global business. Internet allows companies to maintain an open window 24 hours a day, all around the world, increasing the number of potential customers and breaking the barriers of a local market. This means having flexible schedules for the customer and the relocation of sales. The market becomes bigger.
3. Receiving orders 24 hours a day. The incompatibility of our business working hours with the lifestyle of the customers may cause a fall in sales and income of small and medium-sized companies with no internet presence. Keeping business open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year means the ability to receive orders out of normal working hours, and can also optimize the management and delivery of orders.
4. Best feedback with customers. The interactivity with the consumer can achieve an affinity difficult to obtain other ways. This communication is the cheapest and most affordable way of advertising. Internet means immediacy in the launch of new products and fast spread of information to the customer.
5. Increased productivity. Using their own websites, SMEs can optimize the time for customer attention and logistics orders, have a best control and monitor them. These improvements translate into an increase in the quality of services and in the volume of turnover.
6. New business opportunities. The feedback achieved through the website provides valuable information about the demand of products and services, which allows, in turn, implement new business lines.
7. Internet presence as a differential factor against competitors. The image of modernity, competitiveness and credibility increases by having a presence and a professional image on Internet.
8. Reduction of investment needed to reach potential customers. Small businesses often do not have the advertising budget necessary to appear in traditional media. Internet facilitates access to consumers without big budgets and adapts to the possibilities of each company. The investment to have a good online presence is low and the profits are immediate.
9. Better access to the client. Internet offers a huge segmentation of potential customers. Advertising may be displayed only when there are users that are searching for that product. In addition to this, online marketing campaigns allow you to pay only for users who have visited the web site. It can also be controlled very precisely in which geographic areas you want to show the ads, what times of the day, what keywords or concepts and what kind of pages.
10. Measuring results. The results of the investment in online advertising campaigns can be quantified more easily and effectively than advertising in traditional media communication. Furthermore, analyzing the visits received and user behavior, you can learn more about the potential customer and find out what products or services work better or worse.

Your webpage will hardly provide income without SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and in SEM (Marketing Search Engine), services that Grup Aleph also offers to our customers.

Tu web difícilmente te aportará ingreso sin un buen repaso de SEO (siglas que en inglés significan optimización para los buscadores) y sin un lanzamiento en SEM (siglas que en inglés significan Marketing en los buscadores).